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Recorded Zoom calls are often too long and boring. Some viewers even say watching a full length zoom call is a form of torture.


Edit! We are the fixer upper of zoom calls! We reduce the video to the core message, add music and photos (if you’d like), give it a makeover, make the audio louder, and work a little magic. The result is a clearer, faster moving, more engaging video! And they are very affordable. Call us for a quote at 843-364-0885!

Before 5:53

After 3:31

Problem: Mission trips are cancelled. Physically visiting is still complicated. Yet, we still need to connect, sustain, and grow relationships with churches and mission partners. Staying engaged is crucial.

Solution: Well-crafted, compelling videos. The closest thing to being there. More and more organizations are re-purposing travel budgets to start video campaigns. The power of video is unparalleled and keeps your relationships healthy.

This video was created 100% remotely, using supplied Zoom video, graphics, and powerful music.  Real emotional connection is formed as a result!

This was created for Third Church, in Richmond, VA.  They are using Zoom to stay in touch with their mission partners.  They asked us to create a powerful montage of recent Zoom calls to play for session and the congregation.

This video was made for Frontier Fellowship.  The ministry was able to send a standard version to most of their church partners, and customized versions to specifically thank larger congregations.  In this case, the script was originally written by pastor Donald Marsden.  We edited and tweaked it for clarity, and then Donald recorded it – this can all be done professionally and remotely!

Using only pictures from mission trips, video footage from partners, and stock photos, this video raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for IDP’s (internally displaced peoples) in Syria.

Created with photos supplied by trip participants and a few stock videos, this was one of three videos we made for The Outreach Foundation to stay connected with their church partners.  In one of the other videos, we were able to take a ten-year-old interview, clean up the audio, and use it!

Ministries are learning to communicate differently these days, and the right approach is critical. Using volunteers or cheap video production can often lead to disappointment.

We know how to tell a story effectively. We know what works. We’d love to help you connect with churches and your mission partners today! Our service is turn-key with a fixed rate, and no surprises.



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