we tell stories.

We are a small, full service, story-telling machine. We specialize in learning about you and your story and telling it in a simple, clear, concise, moving way.
We love working with non-profits and businesses that make positive change in the lives of others.

Emotional and powerful.  The impact of video is unparalleled. Too often, amazing stories 
don’t seem so amazing on screen.  At Martin Pictures, we tell stories that ENGAGE PEOPLE, GENERATE REVENUE, CREATE CHANGE and incite action.  We are a small team with decades of experience in TV, radio, and social media. We know how to tell stories with heart.  We write, shoot, edit, and deliver goodness.  See some of our recent projects below.  We also have over one million 4K and HD video clips from every country around the world to use in your video!


Destin, FL